Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Do Miracles Still Occur?

Well, my answer is most definitely.

They happen all the time. And many times we completely miss them right in front of our face, because we are not externally focused on others but rather internally focused on our self. Self-centeredness is the biggest road block to actually witnessing and being apart of miracles. So I have decided that we should all go through  little experiment on miracles.

As many of you know I have alot of odd passions; food, fashion, travel, film……..but I also am passionate about Gardening. Now the one thing you have to completely understand is that because I am passionate about something does not mean I am any good at it. And Gardening is definitely one of those things that I am no good at. So I have decided to find an abandoned plot of dirt and ask God for miracles to happen in and around this lot of dirt. My part and your part(hopefully you will be cheering me on) is going to be consistently working hard to give this dirt, the seeds and plants I put in, the best chance to grow that I can, and at the same time offer myself in a loving and kind spirit to everyone I encounter throughout this process. By doing this I pray and expect that God will perform miracles, and we will all be able to see them and experience them as they happen. What do we have to loose? Right?

So drumroll………………. I got the plot! Don’t get too excited. It is small and in real bad shape.

A Miracle in Waiting

A whole Lot of Weeds

Should be able to start clearing in a week or two.

So this is our project for the next several months. I know there is something special that is going to happen here. To you, me, and many other people. I encourage you to find your own “plot of dirt” to cultivate as I cultivate this one. It can be a garden, an elderly person, a troubled teen. Maybe someone in your own family. A sick person. A homeless person. The list goes on and on. I will keep you posted on the results of this project. And please, you share the same with yours.

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