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Can You Believe It!

Culinary Institue of America

Yes, I am going to cooking school. Now don’t get too excited. It’s just for the day. But it is at The C.I.A. just outside of St. Helena, California. I really can’t talk about this stuff unless I really give it try. So I did. What a beautiful place. It’s called Greystone and looks like something right out of the South of France. They grow all of their own produce and herbs and have taught some of the great Chefs of the world(there is hope for me).

Seasons in the Wine Country

After a brief introduction to the course, our Chef, Cate Coniff-Dobrich took us through a day of preparing Seasonal Food of the Wine Country.We teamed up into groups of four and were given our dishes to prepare. We got challenge with planking and smoking a fresh salmon(handed me the whole (stinkin’huge fish), crab and corn chowder, seasonal salad right out of the garden, and a cheese tart. I was real excited and ready to go when one of my teammates, a surgeon from Houston Texas just started making everything himself and left the rest of us to pick our teeth. Arrogant, narcissistic butt hole!. Well after about ten minutes of that I grabbed that big ass fish and walked off with it. Bottom-line was, after a little moment of me opening my big fat mouth and telling him where he could shove his scalpel, we all got to cook. You have to try this some time. It is alot of fun and for the most part, you meet wonderful people. And by the way, Chef Cate gave us all an autographed copy of her book.

The Teaching Kitchen

Another Amateur Like Me

Love The Hat

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