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Nope, Thats Not My Wife!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to get off the Libation Road of Napa and Sonoma and get some food in our tummies. Otherwise one of us will be found puking our brains out huddled over the porcelain throne! Fortunately, the town of Yountville where we have parked ourselves is known as one of the best culinary communities in the world. I never have claimed to be a food connoisseur, but I really do enjoy dining in one-of-a-kind restaurants.

There is only one king of the wine country as far as food goes and thats Thomas Keller. If you never heard of him you should probably stop reading this article and open up that can of Spam you have in the cupboard and pop the top on another Coors Light.This is one cool cat. He owns a Butt Load of restaurants in Yountville and a phenomenal bakery.I have been trying for years and years to dine at his super famous French Laundry. I have begged, paid off, called months and months in advance and at best have gotten on the waiting list, only to be told the day of I didn’t make the cut. What’s with this place? Do they know me? Is that it. Well the dream continues.Don’t feel to sorry for me though. We did manage to head over to the Bouchon Bakery for breakfast which is a bakers heaven. This is as close to Paris as I have found. Unbelievable croissants.

Ooh La La

For dinner we found our way to Chef Keller’s family style venue, ad hocNot only do you feel like your grandmothers in the kitchen cooking for you, but she does it for a very reasonable price. See, I knew there was another reason I didn’t get in French Laundry.

Family Style Ding at ad hoc

Thomas Keller’s Fried Chicken and Biscuit

Right down the street from ad hoc is another one of those cooking savants. Redd is owned and operated by Richard Reddington. Formerly the chef of Masa’s and Jardiniere of San Francisco, Chef Reddington offers an updated interpretation of Asian, Mexican, and and European cuisine, in a relaxed yet elegant environment. Put on a pair of your loosest jeans and an oversized tee shirt and enjoy every bite. Just kidding…don’t wear your sloppy outfit. When I was there I saw a U.S. Senator and two Super models, and neither of them had their “wife beater” tank on. This is a real Hipster place that will even take Old Dogs like me.

My Kind of Place

Sumpin’ Sweet at Redd

Well we have talked breakfast and dinner, but a grown boy like me has to have his lunch, and I found just the place. Model Bakery in St. Helena. This is where you come for the best Paninni in the West and a bowl of Tomato Bisque. Just enough to slowly deter that morning buzz from wine tastings. And you be sure to have a cookie or two and a tart or three. Then you will be in perfect condition to hit the vineyards in the afternoon!

Model Bakery St. Helena

Oooh La La

I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s time to take a little nap!

Can somebody please burp me 

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