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Once You Make Something You Love……

You have to let it grow!

Let It Grow

You probably think I am referring to the world’s best yeast roll recipe. I will never forget coming home from high school back in the 70’s and starting to catch the scent of my Moma Dolly’s yeast rolls. It was the absolute best smell in the universe to me. I suppose the yeast strain she had, must have come from Robert E. Lee’s family a long time ago. It was so delightful. I watched her over a hundred times take a little bit of that yeast out of the jar and add it to her flour to make the stickiest dough you have ever seen. I swear you could throw that stuff up against the window and it would stick there for a year or two. Then she would take a couple of the oldest looking rags we had in the kitchen and carefully drape them over the stainless still bowl that still exist in the family. There wasn’t any concern for heat and humidity in the Mississippi Delta, it just seemed it was always 90 degrees and 100% humidity. I would bug Moma Dolly to death, beggin’ her to put that dough in the oven so we could have some of those rolls for dinner. But no matter how persistent I was, she would look right up into my eyes with a very serious look on her face and say, “Boy, If you make something you love, you have to let it grow.”

You Have To

Let It Grow

By now I hope you have figured out that I am not really talking about making yeast rolls, but rather raising kids. And I thought those yeast rolls were difficult to make. Try raising kids. You spend everyday of 18 years trying to “Do the Right Thing”, giving up careers, saying ‘No”, saying “Yes”, coaching this, praising that, driving to the ends of the earth………….. and then you are supposed to just walk away and Let It Grow?You gotta be fricking crazy. I have invested blood, sweat, and toil, tears and fears, beans and weiners, cats and dogs, all for this kid. Not me, I am going to be up his periscope for the rest of his life! But who am I kidding. In order to get the most out of all above, I have to walk away and give him that space, and trust the Good Lord that I didn’t screw up too much and got a passing grade in parenthood. Now where is that bottle of Cabernet?

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One thought on “Once You Make Something You Love……

  1. Libby on said:

    Very good! And so true!

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