Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Sweet Tooth

Well, It was the evening I had dreaded forever. But sooner or later I had to take that step into darkness and oblivion and challenge myself to Bake. You see baking requires precision, patience, and loads of technical skills of which I possess none. So why even try? It is not really a manly man type of thing, but more a fancy pants type of guy. So just as my anxiety level was peaking, and sweat beads were building up on my forehead, and the piles of insecurity were starting to feel like a 2 years olds loaded dirty diaper, Chef Gina came to the rescue. She was armed with baskets of fresh ingredients, technique literature and her professional skill set. Thank God:

Chef Gina Mika Instructs on Butter Cream Icing

Our first soirée into baking was the dreaded Chocolate soufflé. The key to the perfect souffle is patience, technique, and preciseness. which I have earlier admitted the absence of all in my life. A couple of sure-fire secrets though were buttering up the soufflé ramekins and coating them with sugar. Another was mastering the perfect folding of the eggwhites so as to not burst one little bubble of that precious air in the mixture. And lastly, please pull your head out of your butt and do not open the oven door to peak and any point. Thankfully The Good Lord blessed me and mine stood tall despite my ignorance.

“Folding Oh So Gently”

“In The Beginning”

“It Is Finished”

Next up for the “confidence growing manly man,” Wedding cake, with full blown butter cream icing. Chef Gina had decided that we would make our cake using a “Test Kitchen” recipe that I have to say was exactly the same texture and consistency of  $3000.00 ones I have purchased for my girls weddings. We put a beautiful raspberry compote in the middle layer surrounded by more butter cream(can’t get enough of that diabetes free icing), and topped it off by covering the sides with toasted almond slivers. Damn this turned out good and a “Manly Man” did it all by himself.

“Test Kitchen Wedding Cake”

“Makes You Want To Get Married”

“View From Above”

Here Comes The Bride

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