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Shabu Shabu Yo Mama

Spooky Ay?

This is where it all begins…. “The Par-Boil”. Tired of those overcooked, dried out, over smothered with bad barbecue sauce ribs……
then “The Par-Boil” is your savior. Long before white guys were stupping other white guys, the Chinese were busy making fire crackers and boiling their meats.

I mean how else were they supposed to cook anything other than on a stick. “Par-Boiling” will cook meats that can get pretty nasty if they aren’t cooked through and through without drying them out. Matter of fact, Par -boiling will fill your meat with whatever seasonings and spices you would like to taste at the same time. Just boil a big pot of water, and in the example today, throw in a sliced up rack of baby backs along with your seasoning ( I mix Teriyaki Sauce with Worchestire Sauce and dried garlic and onions) and let it boil and simmer for roughly 45 minutes.

They’re done after that so you only need about 10 minutes on the BBQ with a little bit of Barbeyaki Grilling Sauce brushed on each side and you have the most juicy baby back ribs you have ever seen. Served with a little Asian Inspired Cole Slaw and Jim Bob’s Corn in a Boat.

Quit Drooling!!

Dang, I knew Chinese and American barbecue could hook up and mash.

Zai Jian

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