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Disneyland of the South

“Hotty Toddy”

I love Disneyland! And for that matter Disneyworld. It is one of those rare places that no matter how depressed, how poor, how lonely, and how angry with the world you are, if you can get there, all the bad stuff goes away. It can’t be real. It is just too wonderful to be true. But did you have any idea that over 150 years ago Walt Disney dreamed about a “Disneyland of the deep South?” One hour south of Memphis, Mickey and Donald are best friends with a dude named “Colonel Reb” in Oxford, Mississippi and The University of Mississippi, better known as “OLE MISS.

“The Grove” on game day

I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, probably the poorest county in America. Mississippi itself, is one of the poorest, most underprivileged states with the highest rate of  diabetes and heart disease rates in the country. But out of nowhere, in this tiny town in Northwest Mississippi, you will find the wealthy and privileged, the fit and beautiful, and truly, “The Happiest Place On Earth.” Ole Miss has about 20,000 students from all over the country. They come from California to Georgia, and Texas to Minnesota to participate in what has to be the greatest 4 year party, some call an education, in the United States. At Ole Miss they say, “We may not win the football game, but we have never lost a party!”

“The Square”

Now I know this is hard to believe, but the Downtown Square of Oxford is home to some of the top restaurants in the country. And  side-walks are surrounded by fashion forward couture apparel shops. You could be shopping on 5th Avenue or  Paris and you would never know it. Except for the fact that the service and kindness exhibited by shop owners and chefs is overwhelming.

My top pics for cuisine are: 1. City Grocery 2. Ravine 3. Boure 4. Ajax 5. Honey Bee Bakery (best breakfast to me). The nationally renowned John Currance is the purveyor of several of the finer establishments in Oxford and brings a fantastic fare of Southern/French/Indian melange to his dishes. For those of you Yankees visiting, that are dreaming of some good ‘ole Mississippi Catfish, try The Taylor Grocery just outside of town.

City Grocery

Taylor Grocery

Necessary Vernacular While Visiting Ole Miss and Oxford:

  1. “Hotty Toddy” (Greeting to fellow Rebels)
  2. ” You got some Jack” (hand me that brown bag full of bourbon)
  3. “Ain’t that gorgeous” ( female expression while looking at a Torrey Birch Purse)
  4. ” I gotta pee real bad” (male expression when you have to pee real bad)
  5. ” Y’all come back now” (We love your money..come back and spend more)

See Y’all

Fruits and Veggies

"Picasso In Fruit"

“Picasso In Fruit”

I don’t know about you,  but isn’t this out of this world beautiful.
Did you ever think about going out to the BBQ with nothin’ but fruits and veggies?

Right out of the garden and grove. Tiny fingerling potatoes, with nectarines, figs, and plums. And an assortment of marinated olives for kicks. Seasoned with a little organic honey, nutmeg, and Balsamic. Shook up in a big-ass baggie and tossed onto the grill.

Turn once and roast for about 20 minutes until everything is sticky and caramelized.

Throw it on a salad, some fish, or Greek yogurt. It is so good you will become a fruititarian immediately!

Ain’t this pertty? Yum!

Shabu Shabu Yo Mama

Spooky Ay?

This is where it all begins…. “The Par-Boil”. Tired of those overcooked, dried out, over smothered with bad barbecue sauce ribs……
then “The Par-Boil” is your savior. Long before white guys were stupping other white guys, the Chinese were busy making fire crackers and boiling their meats.

I mean how else were they supposed to cook anything other than on a stick. “Par-Boiling” will cook meats that can get pretty nasty if they aren’t cooked through and through without drying them out. Matter of fact, Par -boiling will fill your meat with whatever seasonings and spices you would like to taste at the same time. Just boil a big pot of water, and in the example today, throw in a sliced up rack of baby backs along with your seasoning ( I mix Teriyaki Sauce with Worchestire Sauce and dried garlic and onions) and let it boil and simmer for roughly 45 minutes.

They’re done after that so you only need about 10 minutes on the BBQ with a little bit of Barbeyaki Grilling Sauce brushed on each side and you have the most juicy baby back ribs you have ever seen. Served with a little Asian Inspired Cole Slaw and Jim Bob’s Corn in a Boat.

Quit Drooling!!

Dang, I knew Chinese and American barbecue could hook up and mash.

Zai Jian

Shits and Giggles

You are now entering the most absurd, Out-of-the-Box, “Food and Life” blog on the planet.

Together we will discover new smells, new tastes, new sounds, and new sights……. in hideous, yet glorious, traditional, yet modern worlds. We will discover together our true purpose in life, and for once feel the satisfaction only found through following the direction of a higher power. We will find all of those hidden talents that we have suppressed out of insecurity and lack of focus for so many years. Let’s live!

If you are not missing a couple of screws or a little light in the noggin………Then this pickle is probably not for you. But if you relish ( get it….pickle relish)in all of the above, this may be your sweet spot!

The days, weeks, months, and years to come will be convicting, challenging, and forever fruitful. Remember, everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok, it’s not the end.

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